The Future Of TV Advertising: What To Expect And What To Avoid

By October 14, 2015 November 20th, 2015 clypd

Q: What are the challenges facing advertisers when it comes to planning a campaign on TV and other media so that it will target viewers who are actually potential customers?

A: Defining the potential customers is the first challenge – there are many ways of doing this. In some cases advertisers may have a very detailed segmentation that precisely describes customers across demographics, attitudes and behavior. This however may be difficult to use in a campaign since those precise descriptors may not follow through to the planning data. At the other end of the scale of course there are broad demographic targets that are easy to plan and activate, but these lack precision. However, with the increased availability of integrated databases matching consumer and media data, it is easier than it used to be to go beyond age and gender and create targets that deliver better value.

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