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By September 21, 2017 clypd in the News

When we started clypd in 2012, we were one of a very small group of companies singing the dream for data-driven, audience-optimized TV ad sales. We envisioned the future of TV advertising to be one in which marketers would seamlessly reach their target audience with efficiency and media company sales teams would be armed with tools to enable this audience-based approach while maximizing yield.

While we continue to belt out these same tunes five years later, we are now joined in by a chorus as the targeted linear TV vision becomes a reality. As quickly as these shifts are happening, there is a long way to go. Today’s announcement of our collaboration with Nielsen will have substantial impacts within the television advertising landscape.

This alliance between Nielsen, the leader in TV media measurement, and clypd, the leading audience optimization platform, provides the market with several unique product offerings.

Integration of Nielsen Audience and Planning Tools into clypd

The connection of Nielsen Media Impact and Nielsen Marketing Cloud, the data company’s agency/advertiser planning and audience segment management tools, into clypd will seamlessly allow for the activation of audience targets on optimized TV plans, enabling clients to confidently manage the end-to-end advertising workflow with efficiency.

An especially exciting aspect of the Marketing Cloud integration is that it marks the first time that marketers can execute on true cross-screen advertising with the segments currently used for digital and mobile ad targeting being used to reach the same audiences on the big screen.

Streamlined Data Match

The advent of audience-based TV advertising carried with it the marketer’s vision for using their own data to reach audiences on TV, as has become the norm in digital campaigns. Together, clypd and Nielsen have designed a safe and secure workflow to enable the creation of television audience targets based on custom data, including first-party data, digital advertising behavioral targets, and social media audience targets.

Forecasting and Posting Services

clypd’s innovations in measuring and predicting TV viewership for advanced audiences power a significant portion of the targeted linear TV advertising today. Through the work with Nielsen, these services will be available for a wider group of stakeholders and an expanded set of use cases, bringing much needed standardization and scale to groups engaged in advanced audience marketing and sales.

We look forward to executing on these initiatives with Nielsen and even more so to the accelerated market adoption of targeted linear TV advertising . Collaborative strategic efforts between these industry-leading companies will continue to expand the size of the chorus singing tunes about leveraging audience-based tools for TV to reach the advertising promised land!


Jason is VP of Strategy at clypd

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