Standards Group Led by clypd Shares Industry Progress for Advanced Target Transactions

By September 7, 2017 clypd in the News

Recommendations Expand on Recently Published Guidelines

New York, NY, September 7, 2017 – The Advanced Target Standards Group (ATSG), a consortium of leading network TV programmers, along with CIMM’s Advanced TV Committee, working with clypd, today released an update on the achievements of the group since its inception one year ago.

“We set this group up as it was clear that for advanced audiences to be transacted in linear TV, some common standards and frameworks were essential” said Pete Doe, Chief Research Officer of clypd. “Since our first meeting in August 2016, the ATSG has grown from seven to twelve media owners, plus agency representation from CIMM’s Advanced TV Committee. We’re delighted with the momentum that this group has in building consensus around bringing advanced audiences to linear TV.”

Group participants include Disney|ABC, A+E, AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, Fox Networks Group, GSN, Scripps, The Weather Channel, 20th Television and CIMM, among others.

In the past year, the group has created a number of deliverables to help the market transact advanced audiences in a consistent and transparent way, including:

  1. Guidelines for Advanced Target Linear Transactions, released in April 2017.

  2. Detailed calculation methodology recommendations, to enable buyers and sellers to calculate basic metrics such as target sizes and impressions delivery in a consistent manner.

  3. A research paper, assessing the impact of classification lag in advanced target data-sets that was used to help in defining the calculation methodology recommendations.

  4. A set of 110 pre-defined targets based on Nielsen advanced data-sets (Nielsen/GfK MRI Fusion, NBI and NCS). The group is also in discussion with other data suppliers to expand this similar list.

These and other content items are available on the Group’s website at

“There is a tremendous need in the marketplace for bringing reliability and consistency into the process of advanced target applications,” said Tom Ziangas, of AMC Networks.  “The industry has comfort with age/gender demos. Establishing this same degree of confidence with advertisers and agencies around more defined audiences is essential for TV.”

“All this work has helped the industry progress and we are close to achieving a solution where advanced audience transactions will be considered business as usual” said Keith Kazerman of Discovery Communications. “With participation from a broad range of industry stakeholders, we are closer to achieving an easier path to transact at scale with advanced audience segments.”

Debbie Reichig of 20th Television added: “All of the basic requirements for a standard TV deal have been baked into data and processes for decades. What we’re doing in the ATSG is applying the same level of rigor and transparency to new data sources so that linear TV can remain a trusted medium for advertising while maintaining and extending its effectiveness in delivering value to advertisers.”

“We support the aims of the ATSG and are happy with the progress that the group has made since its inception,” says Jane Clarke, MD and CEO of The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). “We believe it is essential that for standards to advance, the perspective of all parties in the industry needs to be considered, and we are happy that we can add to the work of the ATSG by bringing the views of both the buy side and the sell side to their consideration.”

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