Optimize Private Marketplace layers audience and yield optimization on top of traditional TV media sales strategies to enhance the way in which media companies transact with their agency and brand partners.

Business Rule, Inventory and Log Ingestion

Automated Integration with traffic and proposal systems and support for customized file ingests for inventory, ratecards and delivery logs as inputs to scheduling and performance reporting

Traditional Deal Parameters

Budget and age/gender targets, weekly weighting, inventory mixes, separation rules and program restrictions

API for Campaign Management and Proposal Negotiation

Web service & file interface APIs in addition to web-based console for deal configuration and schedule review

Advanced Audience Targets

Support for targets from several data sets fused against currency feeds including MRI, Nielsen Buyer Insights (NBI), Nielsen Catalina (NCS) and first-party data

Proposal Generation & Review

Generation of schedules that deliver within specified deal parameters while optimizing against one of several supported goals; View of aggregated performance across multiple dimensions and comparison of proposal results against requested specs

Audience Optimization

Delivery of target audiences through the use of best practice calculation methodologies to activate advanced target data sets in campaigns

Yield Optimization

Effective delivery within campaign parameters while maximizing the value realized by media owners

Multi-goal Scheduling

Creation of schedules that deliver towards multiple performance goals including traditional age/gender delivery, advanced audience targets and yield optimization

Campaign Performance Reporting

Web-based campaign delivery metrics including performance against age/gender and advanced audience targets

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