Media Owners

Solutions that work for your business, your team, and your clients

  • Yield optimization – capture the maximum value for your inventory
  • End-to-end workflow efficiency – improve all aspects of the transaction process in a data-driven TV marketplace
  • Unified demand enablement – programmatic connectivity to demand platforms
  • Price optimization – understand demand pressure and optimize rate card pricing
  • Capture the maximum value for your inventory by leveraging advanced audience datasets
  • Choose from a variety of marketplace configurations to fit your business goals – private, co-mingled, or semi-private
  • Tools to manage cross-platform deals, including reach extension scenarios
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Agencies and Brands

With over 100 national networks under agreement, there is no better way to buy TV

  • Advanced audience targeting and optimization available across all networks
  • 100% national inventory with full daypart representation
  • Buy across multiple networks and network groups
  • Choose from a self-service buyer portal or managed service to create and execute your campaign
  • Set custom rates directly with networks
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Buying Platforms

TV buying, automated  

  • With clypd’s direct integrations into Media Owner sales systems, access real-time inventory availability from networks
  • Automated booking process through clypd’s TV on Tap API
  • Access detailed delivery reporting
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Data Companies

Activate data to power TV advertising

  • Expose audience segments to national programmers and major brands to forecast, target and measure TV campaigns against
  • Monetize your data through incremental usage opportunities
  • Remain in control over permissible use and client permissions
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