Delivering intelligent advertising optimization for television demands a platform that is able to scale with the ever-changing needs of the $70B market.

At its core, clypd builds feature sets on an algorithmic, data-driven foundation that allow media companies to leverage the shifts in media consumption and new data sources.

This suite of solutions produces clear wins for media companies and their agency and brand clients through advanced audience targeting and opens up doors to buying platforms through standardized APIs. Executive stakeholders within media companies benefit from yield optimization and enterprise-level solutions.

Private Marketplaces

Premium network groups rely on clypd-powered private marketplaces, enabling yield and audience optimization within their upfront and scatter sales efforts

clypd Marketplace

This marketplace provides tools and automation for multiple media buyers and over 100 national networks to engage in data-driven linear TV

Buyer Access

The clypd platform provides multiple enablement options for media buyers, including a self-service buyers’ portal, an API for connectivity with buying platforms, and a managed service option


clypd’s cross-platform offerings extend audience forecasting, campaign optimization and performance reporting to support the needs for reach across linear TV and OTT


Multiple optimization goals to satisfy a wide range of business outcomes

  • Flexible optimization inputs that support both traditional demographics and/or strategic audience KPIs including Reach
  • Ability to lock and re-optimize parts of the plan
  • Choose from a choice of 18 optimization goals including:
    • Maximize advanced target reach, with or without a demo CPM requirement
    • Maximize demo reach, with or without CPM requirement
    • Maximize advanced target impressions, with or without a demo CPM requirement


Direct connectivity into Media Owner sales systems to streamline end-to-end workflow

  • Programmatic connectivity with media buying platforms via standardized API
  • Adherence to ATSG industry standard methodologies for audience measurement and definition
  • Published formats for interfacing with TV viewership and audience data


With clypd’s TV on Tap API, automated interfaces through which buying systems obtain information to enable the purchase of linear ad inventory

  • Access planning cost data, including inventory availability, audience estimates, pricing  guidance
  • Submit order requests directly to the Networks, via the API
  • Delivery reporting made available throughout the campaign


Demographic and advanced audience forecasting tools for planning your linear TV campaign

  • Request advanced target forecasts for Nielsen rated networks for up to 6 future quarters
  • Compare forecast results by network, daypart, quarter
  • Identify highest concentrations of the strategic audience


Detailed delivery reporting for demographic and advanced audience targets

  • Demographic and advanced audience delivery at the unit, daypart, week, month, and campaign level
  • Drilldown and analyze delivery by network, daypart, date, or specific hit time
  • Export results for further analysis