Product: The Man Behind the Curtain Does Matter

By October 23, 2014 clypd, clypd Blog, Product

The product and engineering teams at clypd focus on building features that enhance the way that TV advertising is sold. Innovation is an amazing thing, especially in an established business like TV media sales, but innovation without consideration for the people that use the systems and tools will not thrive. Understanding this, everything built at clypd has a goal of respecting both user experience while ensuring utility of the features.

With these ever-present goals in mind, the clypd platform recently realized some reporting improvements for all users of the platform – whether you’re part of a pricing and inventory team at an MVPD, a researcher within a national programmer or a media buyer within an agency.

In the clypd console, media owners and marketers have reporting functionalities that allow for rolling up results at various levels of aggregation.

The initial design of this summarization functionality was built into the filter component, despite summarization not being a “filter” function. This design also resulted in the fields chosen for summarization (in the example below, the results are summarized by Month and Media Owner) being displayed in a breadcrumb trail above the result set. Further, while functional, this clunky design of the configuration didn’t allow for a single filter to be reused across multiple views.


Following conversations with platform users and understanding the ways in which the toolsets are used, we recognized that changes would bring improvements to the ways in which the users of the platform go about their business.

In our most recent product release, we adjusted the design and functionality of the feature to break the summarization and the display of the chosen summary fields out of the filter component and into the result set view itself. The filter component is now pure: it has only filter items. The summary fields are managed and displayed as part of the results table.

In addition to an improvement to the user experience, it sets the table for future functionality where filter components might be inherited by other sections of the platform or summarization selections might be sticky across various views in the consoles.


Sometimes, subtle changes help turn a mechanical chore into a streamlined step in the workflow. In digital mediums, “programmatic” is often defined by the notion of “machines buying media,” and while there will be times that some TV might be transacted through software algorithms and APIs (see TVonTap API, released by clypd in June), the human element will always be a part of the most powerful marketing medium (see Deal ID for TV, released by clypd in August), and the person behind the curtain can not be ignored.

As programmatic strategies continue to become a major part of TV ad sales, ensuring a happy human link in the chain will speed the adoption of these exciting innovations.

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