Product: Audience Performance and Price

By November 6, 2014 clypd, Product

Earlier this year, we announced the release of a price/volume curve to the platform’s inventory analysis and media planning tools as a way to provide transparency and insights into the inventory available for a particular audience target.

In our most recent release, we added to that functionality with a curve that provides insight into the impressions associated with a particular audience and the effective cost of reaching that target alongside a view of the overall reach and rate for media acquisition.


Using various data sources to understand media consumption by type of audience, the platform understands the distribution of a particular audience target across TV viewership and can overlay that with the media prices settings.

As programmatic TV sales continues to be strategized amongst the programmers, broadcasters, and MVPDs and buying linear TV with an enhanced workflow is considered by agencies and buying platforms, tools that help operationalize the insights found through programmatic TV suites will be key in scaling this exciting enhancement to television ad sales.

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