A Quick Chat with…Software Engineer, Ethan Netland

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Ethan Netland

Ethan is a Software Engineer at clypd, and a recent graduate from Northeastern University in Boston.

Our Intern for the summer, Vegard Sunde, had a quick chat with him about why he chose to work at clypd and what he thinks about working here.

1)      Why did you decide to join clypd?

My boss, Dave Owens from my last co-op at Northeastern, used to work with Doug, Josh and a couple of these other guys at Where. So when I graduated, I took a month and a half off to take it easy before I started to apply for jobs. Then Dave called me up and said he had to introduce me to a company some friends of him had started. I came in and had an interview, and it went really well. I vibed with everyone in the company, and it seemed like a great opportunity I really could not pass on.

2)      What relevant experience in the past are you using when building the clypd platform?

 We use Ruby/Rails for a lot of our software stack. I did a lot of Rails at my last job at TapWalk, and I have also used it a lot for personal projects in general.

3)      What is the biggest challenges building out the clypd offering?

Well, definitely the scalability. Digital advertising has a lot of requirements around accepting a lot of requests very quickly. A lot of the bigger digital advertising companies out there managing billions of requests per day, so the amount of traffic we are talking about is a lot in the near future. You know, not only billions per day, but thousands per second, and we need response time of like a 100 millisecond for the whole thing going thru the entire processing bit. It requires a lot of real time processing to be done very quickly, which is something I haven’t really been dealing a lot with in the past personally. So, there’s a lot of interesting technical issues we have to deal with here, it’s a lot of multi-threading and caching to get the most out of your processors. That’s definitely a cool problem to deal with.

4)      What is the best thing about working at clypd?

The keg! No, just really the team we have here. It’s a fun group of people, and we have a relaxed working environment, even if everyone is working hard. We go out for lunch everyday, sit outside have good time, and just enjoy working together. I also like the CIC and the good open working environment here.

5)      Why do you believe clypd will succeed?

Well, Doug, Josh and Jeff have a lot of experience from Where that is really relevant for clypd. They really know what they’re doing, are out thre everyday talking to potential partners. They really have a lot of connections and experience. And then on the engineering side, Jeff is a great leader building out the requirements that we have, and Victor and Sumit as well, coming from advertising, have a lot of experience that is relevant. When it comes to clypd specific, there is not a lot of this stuff going on in television advertising. It seems like, from what I understand, a lot of the partners that Doug and Josh is out there talking to are responding very well to the ideas we are building.

6)      Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Something people may not know about me is that I’ve been working on some art projects on the side – generative art they call it. It’s when you use programming and some geometric and visual rules, then introduce randomization to create interesting visual patterns.

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