A Quick Chat with…Principal Engineer, Sumit Shah

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Sumit Shah

Sumit is Principal Engineer at clypd. He loves to solve tough scaling issues and is currently leading efforts to build Clypd’s real time exchange and helps out with the data and reporting stack. Before clypd he worked as a Software Development Manager at Pay Pal where he led a team of engineers building a horizontally scaled mobile advertising delivery platform.

Our Intern for the summer, Vegard Sunde, had a quick chat with him about why he chose to work at clypd and what he thinks about working here. 

1)      Why did you decide to join clypd?

I worked with some of the people in Where and Pay Pal, especially with both founders, Josh and Doug. Working with them was great and I learned a lot from them. It was a no brainer when I found out that they started their own venture. I also like to work in start-ups and the challenges that come along in the journey. Clypd is my third one.

2)        What relevant experience in the past are you using when building the clypd platform?

Digital ad tech knowledge and experience dealing with challenges the industry poses.

3)    What do you consider the biggest challenges?

Biggest challenges is that we have to be creative around how we plan to work. We are a small team with limited resources and have to get a lot of things done. Its a challenge every startup faces. We are relying on the Ruby stack to deliver things fast and have service oriented architecture. The latter allows to optimize services independently without breaking daily operations.

4)      Why do you believe clypd will succeed?

Clypd has a very strong business team with Josh, Doug, Jason and Joel. They all have very strong backgrounds, great at what they do and are really good at landing deals. Clypd, also has a diversified and agile technical team, that have shown amazing progress in a short period of time. Interest from clients and partners show there is a real need and companies are eager to work with us. What more could we ask for?

 5)      What is the best thing about working at clypd?
Lunch and learns. This is a great opportunity for everyone to see and learn what others are working on


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