Enhancing TV Sales, One Daypart at a Time

By February 23, 2016 clypd, clypd Blog, Product

We all have certain activities we do in our daily and weekly lives that could stand for some enhancements.

Imagine if your hour-long grocery adventure each week could be completed in minutes. But will your cupboards be without the kids’ favorite snacks? Will paying for your purchase require a second job? Improvements are great, but you need to remain in charge and ensure that any incremental benefits are not wiped out by negatives. At clypd, we recognized that there is an opportunity to take this food shopping analogy to TV advertising.

Since we started the company in 2012, we’ve been focused on bringing enhancements to the ways in which TV ad sales teams run their business, while being sensitive to the fact that the ways in which these organizations operate cannot be drastically changed. Being cognizant of the longstanding traditions and workflows of this very successful industry while, in parallel, bringing improvements to the workflow is imperative.SS1

Ensuring that the basic controls that have driven the deal-making throughout history are part of today’s deals is important. In
order to bring innovations, concepts such as campaign pacing through weekly SS2weights and daypart/network mix goals are expected controls in any transactional platform for TV advertising.

The strict majority of TV’s $74B market is transacted on demography guarantees and will not shift away from that overnight. A sales system must support deals based on these primary targets, but advanced platforms must provide operations teams with a data solution that allows for audience targets that extend beyond age and gender.

During the upfront season and throughout the scatter market, elite teams from research, sales and management coordinate in different capacities to execute on their advertising initiatives. With the growth in usage of new data sources, diverse client demands and fragmentation of viewership, these already stressed groups are in need of solutions that not only address these challenges, but also turn them into opportunities.

The work we’ve done in recent months has been in building products and features that infuse speed, and both audience and yield optimization into the marriage of client campaign specs with a media company’s advertising assets and business rules. When these innovations bring benefits that can be realized by both the client and the media owner, everyone wins.

SS3Our most recent release provides sales organizations with automated proposal generation. This product is using campaign specifications (date range, budget, audience targets and inventory allocation requirements), media attributes (avails, rate cards, impression estimates) as inputs to scheduling engine which creates multiple versions of a proposal which are made available for review. Each of the proposal versions can be compared, allowing the sales team to understand not only how the proposals might drive the KPIs of the media owner, but also in how an optimized plan might provide performance against their client’s audience goals, strengthening that relationship between buyer and seller. Detailed plan details can be previewed and made available to the client or agency as part of a negotiation workflow.

A process which, until now, involved many people across multiple areas of a media organization and could take up to several days is now possible in minutes. However, more important than lightning speed, the results must move performance forward for both client and the media owner. Through clypd, media companies now are realizing optimized yield results through a solution in which client campaign goals are also exceeded, leaving all parties in a better place.SS4

Our roadmap includes features that will deliver value to multiple constituents across the media owner’s business, including sales, planning, research and  operations. Only by delivering value across an organization, can solutions be considered a success.

The television advertising industry is huge, the ways in which data and automation are evolving this world are countless and our roadmap sometimes seemingly has no end. But, those facts make for exciting times. We are looking forward to gradually sharing the fruits of that vision as they are ripe for picking – stay tuned!

Jason is VP, Product at clypd

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