clypd to Speak at NCTA’s The Cable Show

clypd is headed to The Cable Show in Los Angeles, from April 29 through May 1!

The Cable show is hosted by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), a conference that brings together more than 12,000 internet and TV professionals from around the world.

clypd’s VP of Product, Jason Burke, will be speaking at the New Revenue Rainmakers session, as part of Imagine Park. In the session, speakers will be discussing new revenue streams for TV inventory holders.

Join us at this session as Jason discusses how TV media owners can take advantage of strategies in programmatic selling in advertising, all the while setting their business rules to avoid sales channel conflict and protect their prices. Jason will also be going through a demo of our newest data visualization product, Big Picture.

For more information on the NCTA’s The Cable Show as well as the New Revenue Rainmakers session, please visit The Cable Show’s website.

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