clypd Profiles: 9 Questions with Leona Williams

By September 20, 2016 clypd Blog, clypd Culture

In this blog series, we interview a member of the clypd team. Find out what drives us, what makes us tick, and what we do outside of the clypd office. In this month’s clypd Profile, we talk to Leona Williams, Executive Assistant.

Can you describe your job and an average day working at clypd?

My job is filled with variety. An average day starts with me coming into a cold office and letting the building engineer know the temperature should be adjusted. Then I check snack supplies while making myself a bowl of greek yogurt with raw honey, bananas, and granola. I settle in at my desk and check the calendar to refresh my memory on any planned birthday and anniversary celebrations. Then the day takes off and it’s all nonstop; order beer and coffee, plan the next event, troubleshoot the printer, sort out conference room bookings, pet a dog, sign for deliveries, phone screen a candidate for hire, and the list goes on.

What do you find most rewarding about working at clypd?

Seeing a healthy work culture is very rewarding. In everything I do, I’m asking the question, “Does this reinforce the clypd culture?” Small things can have a large impact on culture.

For example, a team member recently went above and beyond to meet a deadline. To show appreciation for her hard work, clypd gifted her a gym membership that had piqued her interest (and we had overheard her talking about it). When we recognize anyone (birthday, hard work, anniversary, etc), we customize the recognition to the individual. When the individual knows that thought went into their gift, they know they are cared for.

What sets clypd apart from other places you’ve worked?

clypd stands out to me because people enjoy being here. It is a home away from home.

What’s your favorite aspect of the clypd office?

I love all the flex-space in the office. If I hit a wall while working at my desk, all it takes is settling into a different spot for awhile and I’m rejuvenated. My choice spot is one of the beanbag chairs in the event space.

As the Executive Assistant at clypd, one of your responsibilities is to throw (awesome) birthday celebrations for every clypd employee. How do you go about creating the experience and what are some of your favorite experiences you’ve thrown?

andreiCelebrating each person’s birthday is a lot of fun. Two things are involved in the celebration: the dessert and the theme. When a new person joins the team, I ask them what their dessert of choice is. I also take note when, in passing, someone shares something that they really enjoy. Then on the day of, I pick something I know about them and use it to create a theme for displaying the dessert.

One of my favorites was the first birthday I was in charge of celebrating. I printed Andrei’s face on his cake. Cutting his cake took on a whole new meaning. Another one that was a lot of fun was celebrating Quinten’s birthday with Lego-shaped desserts due to his love of the Lego Movie.

At clypd, we love to host events. What’s your favorite event the clypd has hosted?

It is so hard to choose! I have to say, though, my favorite was my first clypd holiday party. We had the Rosebud dining car all to ourselves and they helped us put together a menu and beer list to impress; everything is really good there! For party favors, we custom-printed clypd mugs. We filled them with ingredients for spiked hot chocolate. One thing that makes clypd events so special is how much thought goes into every detail, down to which gourmet marshmallow to use to top off the party favor (Sweet Lydia’s – delicious!)img_2305

Favorite TV show of all time?

“Parks and Recreation”. There are several contenders, but Parks and Rec wins. I can watch it over and over and it never fails to crack me up!

What can we find you doing on the weekends?

On weekends you’ll find me catching up on chores and errands, hanging out with my husband and our 11-month old daughter, playing softball, attending church, eating popcorn while reading Lord of the Rings and enjoying a cold beer on the back deck.

What’s something that no one at clypd knows about you?

I’ve committed to becoming fluent in Spanish over the next five years.


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