clypd Granted Patent for Demand Target Detection

Today, clypd was granted a new patent (9,973,794: “Demand Target Detection”), an invention for inferring the intended target audience of an advertiser’s requested TV media plan.

We are thrilled to have secured this patent soon after our patent for cross-platform targeting, as it contributes to our continued success in inventing and building innovative solutions to address the changes happening in the media and advertising works.

What does this new patent mean?

When purchasing TV advertising on a particular program or at a certain time, the marketer is not purchasing those spots solely for the sake of delivering within certain programming. More often than not, advertising is chosen because the expected audience composition aligns with the target consumer. However, TV is primarily transacted on age/gender demographics and often the true strategic audience target is not disclosed by the advertiser to the owner of the programming.

This tactic allows the advertiser to hide their true target behind a broad demographic target, leaving the media owner to operate blindly as it relates to properly pricing its ad units and in being able to structure advertising deals that reach the marketer’s strategic target.

The innovation described by the patent outlines how an analysis of the audiences expected to watch future television programming alongside the advertising schedule requested by the advertiser allows for predicting the desired audience.

How will this benefit TV advertising?

Products that clypd builds on top of these innovations will allow for our media owner partners to maximize the ROI for their advertiser clients. Here are some possible benefits:

  • Order fulfillment: If the media owner is given a better understanding of the intended target, decisions can be made around how to best manage the campaign lifecycle such that any adjustments, stewardship or make-goods take into account the target audience for the campaign and the composition of that audience within ad pods across applicable programming.
  • Pricing: Knowing the desired audience segments, media owners can appropriately price their advertising for that particular marketer. This will allow for ad sellers and media buyers to realize maximum return on the advertising engagement.
  • Demand pressure estimation: When media owners understand the strategic objective across campaigns, they have a more detailed picture of demand, thereby informing subsequent sales strategy and programming decisions.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on clypd as we continue to innovate and build products that improve advertising for media owners and advertisers alike!





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