ABCs of Television Ad Tech

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Ad Tech is notoriously rife with acronyms on both the business and technology sides of the fence. clypd’s experience in the television ad tech world has proven that acronym issues are not only widespread, but the concepts represented by these multi-letter concepts in the nascent world of programmatic television advertising take on modified meanings, rendering our space one that is impossible for Grandma to understand.

clypd, along with other technology companies, ad agencies, DSPs, ATDs and SSPs are strategizing on how to leverage the programmatic buying methods that have been successful in the digital world to deliver on marketing goals in the world of the larger screen. While benefits of media buying in this medium are similar, many of the strategies must be augmented for use in television. Read More

Jeff Walker

The clypd process

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One of the challenges of setting up a development process and workflow for a startup is to fit the process to the business needs. Process for process sake is a waste of time and drives everyone crazy. The other thing that drives everyone crazy is chaos. Product hates chaos. Engineers hate chaos. I’m a big fan of “just enough process to keep us from descending into chaos”. Read More