I Want My MTV!

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Just after midnight on August 1, 1981, the brand new Music Television Network came on the air, with a bang. Its opening moments consisted of footage of a rocket launching and an announcer declaring “Ladies and Gentlemen, rock and roll!” A guitar riff played with an image of an American astronaut planting an MTV flag on the moon.

The video that followed was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the English band the Buggles. About 80 videos comprised the first week’s schedule, which was almost the totality of music videos in existence at the time. It turns out that video did just the opposite of killing the radio star. Read More

clypd Hires Henry Rivero to Build Up clypd’s European Presence

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We’re excited to announce this morning that Henry Rivero, formerly of RTL Group has joined clypd as the General Manager of Europe.

Most recently, Rivero was Senior Executive, Digital Technology and Special Projects at RTL Group, which led clypd’s Series B round of funding. Rivero, drawing on his wealth of experience in the European TV and digital advertising technology markets will be tasked with building clypd’s European presence, understanding how the company can best bring value to each market, and developing key relationships with different players in the industry.

“For some time now, we have been eyeing the European broadcast markets as the next big milestone in the company’s growth plan. We have been waiting for the right opportunity and for the right leader to head up this considerable undertaking,” said Joshua Summers, co-founder and CEO at clypd. “Expanding our audience-based sales platform for TV advertising beyond the US is a strategic focus for us as our company continues to grow. Adding Henry to the team is a testament to our ability to attract top talent – we could not be more excited.”

“We are thrilled that Henry has joined the clypd team.” said Rhys Noelke, Senior Vice President, Strategy at RTL Group. “clypd has been actively engaged with RTL Group affiliates in Europe and we eagerly await clypd’s product launch in key European markets. RTL Group is committed to accelerate the company’s success.”

“As part of the team at RTL Group that led clypd’s Series B round of funding, I instantly recognized the value that the company was bringing to the TV advertising industry,” said Rivero. “The market opportunity is massive and I am convinced clypd is best-positioned to be the market leader when it comes to developing technology that supports audience-based sales for TV media owners. I’m looking forward to bringing clypd’s industry-leading expertise to the European television market.”

Read the full announcement here.

clypd Brings Optimize Private Marketplace to Linear TV

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This morning, we are excited to announce the release of Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), a suite of sales tools for media companies engaged in yield optimization and advanced audience sales transactions.

Several leading media companies, including Discovery Communications, ESPN, and Fox Networks Group have been using the clypd platform to prepare for and engage with their brand and agency partners on new opportunities that leverage data and an increased level of workflow automation. This latest offering builds upon clypd’s existing linear TV private marketplace offering. Features include end-to-end deal lifecycle management, data onboarding, yield-optimized and audience-focused scheduling, and proposal generation.

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Enhancing TV Sales, One Daypart at a Time

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We all have certain activities we do in our daily and weekly lives that could stand for some enhancements.

Imagine if your hour-long grocery adventure each week could be completed in minutes. But will your cupboards be without the kids’ favorite snacks? Will paying for your purchase require a second job? Improvements are great, but you need to remain in charge and ensure that any incremental benefits are not wiped out by negatives. At clypd, we recognized that there is an opportunity to take this food shopping analogy to TV advertising.

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clypd Partners with SpotX to Create Ad Sales Platform for TV and Digital Video

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We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with SpotX to create the industry’s first advertising sales solution for the sale of traditional TV and digital video inventory.
The pairing of SpotX’s digital video platform and clypd’s linear TV platform will create ad sales solutions that empower media companies to holistically monetize audiences and video across all distribution points.

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The Future Of TV Advertising: What To Expect And What To Avoid

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Q: What are the challenges facing advertisers when it comes to planning a campaign on TV and other media so that it will target viewers who are actually potential customers?

A: Defining the potential customers is the first challenge – there are many ways of doing this. In some cases advertisers may have a very detailed segmentation that precisely describes customers across demographics, attitudes and behavior. This however may be difficult to use in a campaign since those precise descriptors may not follow through to the planning data. At the other end of the scale of course there are broad demographic targets that are easy to plan and activate, but these lack precision. However, with the increased availability of integrated databases matching consumer and media data, it is easier than it used to be to go beyond age and gender and create targets that deliver better value.

Read the full Q+A here.

clypd Raises $19.4 Million in Series B Round Funding

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We are thrilled to announce that clypd has secured $19.4 million in a Series B round of financing led by global media company RTL Group, with additional participation from Atlas Venture, Data Point Capital, Duke University, TiVo Inc., Transmedia Capital and Western Technology Investment. With approximately $30 million in financing to date, the latest round of funding will accelerate growth of the our industry-leading platform to help TV media owners in the adoption of programmatic TV.

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