Long Live The 30-Second Spot

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Recent news about initiatives to bring automated and programmatic/data-driven access to TV advertising has brought out the typical buzz-kills, with the not-unexpected bogeyman: programmatic buying combined with the proliferation of IP-connected viewing devices will turn the TV advertising business into a revenue wasteland. Such doomsday predictions are based upon the flawed assumption that the adoption and integration of digital advertising technologies will trigger the same collapse of CPMs seen with online video. The assumption is flawed because it doesn’t take into account the nature and relative scarcity of TV content; YouTube videos and entertainment-grade shows such as Breaking Bad are at opposite ends of both the audience involvement and cost-to-produce spectra. Read More

ABCs of Television Ad Tech

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Ad Tech is notoriously rife with acronyms on both the business and technology sides of the fence. clypd’s experience in the television ad tech world has proven that acronym issues are not only widespread, but the concepts represented by these multi-letter concepts in the nascent world of programmatic television advertising take on modified meanings, rendering our space one that is impossible for Grandma to understand.

clypd, along with other technology companies, ad agencies, DSPs, ATDs and SSPs are strategizing on how to leverage the programmatic buying methods that have been successful in the digital world to deliver on marketing goals in the world of the larger screen. While benefits of media buying in this medium are similar, many of the strategies must be augmented for use in television. Read More

Jeff Walker

The clypd process

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One of the challenges of setting up a development process and workflow for a startup is to fit the process to the business needs. Process for process sake is a waste of time and drives everyone crazy. The other thing that drives everyone crazy is chaos. Product hates chaos. Engineers hate chaos. I’m a big fan of “just enough process to keep us from descending into chaos”. Read More

INVIDI and clypd Form Strategic TV Advertising Alliance

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Partnership Realizes The Vision of True Programmatic TV Ad Campaigns by Fixing Existing Technology Gaps Between Buyers and Sellers

Collaboration Gives Agencies New Access to Addressable TV Inventory and Seamless Execution; Provides Programmers and Distributors New Selling Models, Revenue Opportunities and Value Enhancement of their Inventory.

September 5, 2013, New York and Cambridge, MA — At a time when the TV advertising industry is urgently working towards more powerful, targeted and addressable solutions, INVIDI Technologies Corporation and clypd, a newly-launched TV ad solutions company, have announced a strategic alliance that eliminates existing technology gaps between buyers and sellers of TV advertising. The two companies will offer TV programmers and distributors tools to enhance the value of their content and give marketers new levels of customization and seamless execution of programmatic buying.

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Ethan Netland

A Quick Chat with…Software Engineer, Ethan Netland

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Ethan is a Software Engineer at clypd, and a recent graduate from Northeastern University in Boston.

Our Intern for the summer, Vegard Sunde, had a quick chat with him about why he chose to work at clypd and what he thinks about working here.

1)      Why did you decide to join clypd?

My boss, Dave Owens from my last co-op at Northeastern, used to work with Doug, Josh and a couple of these other guys at Where. So when I graduated, I took a month and a half off to take it easy before I started to apply for jobs. Then Dave called me up and said he had to introduce me to a company some friends of him had started. I came in and had an interview, and it went really well. I vibed with everyone in the company, and it seemed like a great opportunity I really could not pass on.

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Jason Burke

Transparency into Auction Dynamics

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We all recall with frustration our failed swings at the birthday piñata, and then the triumphant scrambling for sweets when we finally connected with the papier-mâché dragon. In the early days of ad exchange buying, marketers had similar experiences as they blindly reached for inventory through programmatic buying on ad exchanges, without knowing the details of the inventory they were bidding on.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for transparency into auction pricing on Adotas from August 9, 2013

Doug Hurd

A Quick Chat with…Co-Founder Doug Hurd

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Doug is the co-founder and VP of Business development at clypd and leads the organization’s growth by building long-term strategic partnerships. Doug leads by example with extensive experience striking deals with customers and partners that help fuel the company’s growth. Previously Doug was Director of Business Development at PayPal Mobile where he was responsible for executing strategic partnerships to accelerate PayPal’s off-line mobile payment initiative by expanding the penetration of PayPal’s mobile products across devices, platforms and POS solutions.

We let our Norwegian Intern for the summer, Vegard Sunde, ask him some questions about clypd, previous experience and challenges developing the clypd platform.

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Sumit Shah

A Quick Chat with…Principal Engineer, Sumit Shah

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Sumit is Principal Engineer at clypd. He loves to solve tough scaling issues and is currently leading efforts to build Clypd’s real time exchange and helps out with the data and reporting stack. Before clypd he worked as a Software Development Manager at Pay Pal where he led a team of engineers building a horizontally scaled mobile advertising delivery platform.

Our Intern for the summer, Vegard Sunde, had a quick chat with him about why he chose to work at clypd and what he thinks about working here. 

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Jason Burke

Conversions across channels

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We roll our eyes and leave the room when the Grammy Award-winning rapper spends his 90 seconds of mic time at the Kodak Theater thanking everyone from his parents to his Little League baseball coach to Jesus. Digital marketers, however, could take a cue from 50 Cent.

In the advertising world, many factors contribute to the final outcome and all touch points along the entire interaction spectrum must be considered when evaluating the impact of the marketing strategy.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for conversion attribution in cross-channel media strategies on Adotas from June 4, 2013