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For Boston tech companies, beer is culture builder and recruiting tool

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Good talent is at such a premium for Boston tech companies, especially for those startups looking for experienced design, engineering, and development folks, that many resort to various gimmicks and enticements to attract that coveted “new hire.” While the good old fashioned, “Let’s throw buckets full of money at this techie”  practice is still alive and well, some startups (especially early stage ones) can’t afford that approach. So they get creative.

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A Peek Into The Future: Where Programmatic TV Is Headed

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When Terry Kawaja speaks, the ad world listens—and for good reason. His insights lack preconceived notions and biases—assets in a potentially controversial piece like his latest on the Future of TV.

Terry speaks of the current conversations happening in silos:

  • Linear TV folks dismissing the relatively smaller digital budgets
  • Digital fellas convinced that their strategies will force the same extinction for TV that radio and newspapers experienced

Given the large combined budgets ($70B TV, $7B digital video), where are the peacemakers in the middle, singing, “can’t we all just get along”?

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Will Programmatic Advertising Take Over TV?

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Who needs ratings when you can buy TV impressions? All you need is a defined audience, the ability to deliver an ad wherever a person is viewing and automation to deliver that ad millions of times across multiple channels. Those are the basics of a programmatic vision for television—a vision that doesn’t care which show a viewer is tuned to but only who that viewer is.

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Office Envy: clypd’s Industrial Chic Somerville Spot

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It’s only been two months since clypd settled down in Somerville, but the TV advertising platform company is already feeling right at home. After spending around a year holed up in Dogpatch Labs, the company began the quest for a space of its own. Searching long and hard for the perfect fit, the clypd team finally found the office of its dreams…

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