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The Challenge of Set-top Box Data in Programmatic TV

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In our last post, we introduced the importance of data management platforms (DMPs) in the television industry. This month, we’ll discuss the importance of set-top box (STB) data in DMPs and programmatic TV.

As we know, data is a core tenet of programmatic TV. The layering of data sources on top of the media activity is essential in understanding the audience composition for the best data-enhanced decisioning.

In the linear TV world, of the many data sources available, perhaps none is more important or particular, than the second-by-second viewership activity from the set-top box. STB data can be used to measure all the activity, including that which is not measured by Nielsen. This long tail inventory primarily being consumed on cable networks constitutes greater than 40% of TV viewership. The challenge lies in the different rules, technologies, and protocols that exist when looking to utilize that STB data in a consistent, coherent manner.

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Guest Blog: Test and Learn—Selling the Idea of Programmatic TV

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The TV Ad Seller’s Programmatic Trepidation

Many TV networks are taking a measured view of programmatic TV, one that weighs the efficiencies of automated workflow against the risk that their inventory value could be compromised in a world where machines perform the heavy lifting. They look at the rise seen with programmatic strategies in the digital space as having spurred a decline in the value of the advertising.

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Clypd adds Deal ID support in programmatic TV ad buys

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Throughout the history of TV advertising, negotiated deals have been managed offline, especially during the upfronts, and continue to account for the lion’s share of TV media sales. Deal ID allows for those same business and pricing terms of a media sales relationship to be configured, negotiated and transacted in an automated and targeted manner within advertising sales platforms.

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Will Deal ID Catch On In TV? Ad Platform Clypd Hopes So

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One of the purposes of Deal ID is to allow buyers and sellers to negotiate deals that combine the personal touch of the direct sale with programmatic efficiency.

But the Deal ID also has challenges around sell-side scalability and limitations in audience discovery for advertisers. Nevertheless, some industry experts say the Deal ID might help dollars flow between programmatic video and TV and enable marketers to execute cross-screen buys.

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Programmatic TV Trailblazers: Sandro Catanzaro of DataXu

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In this new series, we interview the people and companies paving the way in programmatic TV advertising.

This week, we interview Sandro Catanzaro, the Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Analytics and Innovation at DataXu. With his deep data science and marketing experience, Sandro has helped DataXu become one of the leading integrated programmatic marketing solutions in the industry. DataXu currently has more than 11 offices across eight countries, servicing more than 700 brands across the globe.

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An Introduction to Television Data Management Platforms (DMP)

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In the ad tech world, there are a lot of acronyms. In this series, we’ll discuss the DMP – or Data Management Platform. In the digital landscape, DMPs are fairly established and standardized, but in the television world, they operate differently, simply because television and digital media are different.

A DMP is a centralized computing system for collecting, integrating, and managing large sets of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources. First, data goes in, then it gets manipulated, normalized, and prepared in an easy to use manner that makes it actionable. In television, the design, functionality, and utility of a DMP are different than in other environments.

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