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Jason Burke

Another positive SSP Exit: Facebook acquires LiveRail

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Yesterday, Facebook made a monster move with their acquisition of online video platform leader LiveRail and immediately bolstered their growing video offerings. This follows Facebook’s purchase of Atlas from Microsoft last year, continuing their theme of innovating internally, but scooping up established top talent, products and business when the right opportunity arises. Read More

Preparing for the Future: Part I

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Preparing for the future, far in advance of when that day arrives, is something that we all tend to do when thinking about college for our young children or about 401Ks to fund our retirement years.

It’s a wonder that similar preparation for the inevitable rarely happens in the software startup world. Not that it doesn’t make sense…Startup teams are often heads-down running full-speed towards goals of building product, growing the team and constantly innovating, leaving little time for preparing for the time when success is found and ensuring that systems on which the company operates will be able to support the activity that the team has worked so hard to acquire. Read More

ABCs of Television Ad Tech

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Ad Tech is notoriously rife with acronyms on both the business and technology sides of the fence. clypd’s experience in the television ad tech world has proven that acronym issues are not only widespread, but the concepts represented by these multi-letter concepts in the nascent world of programmatic television advertising take on modified meanings, rendering our space one that is impossible for Grandma to understand.

clypd, along with other technology companies, ad agencies, DSPs, ATDs and SSPs are strategizing on how to leverage the programmatic buying methods that have been successful in the digital world to deliver on marketing goals in the world of the larger screen. While benefits of media buying in this medium are similar, many of the strategies must be augmented for use in television. Read More

Jason Burke

Transparency into Auction Dynamics

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We all recall with frustration our failed swings at the birthday piñata, and then the triumphant scrambling for sweets when we finally connected with the papier-mâché dragon. In the early days of ad exchange buying, marketers had similar experiences as they blindly reached for inventory through programmatic buying on ad exchanges, without knowing the details of the inventory they were bidding on.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for transparency into auction pricing on Adotas from August 9, 2013

Jason Burke

Conversions across channels

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We roll our eyes and leave the room when the Grammy Award-winning rapper spends his 90 seconds of mic time at the Kodak Theater thanking everyone from his parents to his Little League baseball coach to Jesus. Digital marketers, however, could take a cue from 50 Cent.

In the advertising world, many factors contribute to the final outcome and all touch points along the entire interaction spectrum must be considered when evaluating the impact of the marketing strategy.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for conversion attribution in cross-channel media strategies on Adotas from June 4, 2013