About clypd

About Us

clypd is the leading audience-based sales platform for television advertising. Founded in 2012, the company’s TV sales platform delivers workflow automation, data-enhanced decisioning and provides media partners with tools to manage their sales efforts. clypd’s innovations around advanced audience selling are empowering sales teams to accept new types of demand as well as enhance their existing sales offerings.

The clypd team is comprised of both TV and digital advertising experts, which uniquely positions the company to understand and meet the needs of the television industry while leveraging the best strategies from the digital world.


At clypd, we focus on building a business and products that drive immeasurable value to our customers and the rest of the TV advertising industry and have been granted patents for our innovations.

Cross-Platform Audience Targeting

This patent outlines features for targeting advertising and entertainment content to people, whether they are watching on traditional television or on digital devices

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Demand Target Detection

This patent describes the invention for inferring the intended target audience of an advertiser’s requested TV media plan

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Our team is comprised of the finest in both
the digital and television industries.


Board Members

CEO and co-founder

Josh Summers

Joshua is the CEO and co-founder of clypd and leads the organization through day-to-day operations, product direction and strategic relationships. Joshua is a hands-on leader with extensive experience building companies from scratch and driving towards revenue. Prior to clypd, Joshua was VP of Product and Operations at WHERE which was acquired by PayPal in 2011.

VP of Business development and co-founder

Doug Hurd

Doug is the co-founder and VP of Business development at clypd and leads the organization’s growth by building long-term strategic partnerships. Doug leads by example with extensive experience striking deals with customers and partners that help fuel the company’s growth. Prior to clypd, Doug was VP of Business Development at WHERE which was acquired by PayPal in 2011.

Board Member

Lars Albright

Lars is a proven entrepreneur with extensive experience in the mobile and digital media industries. Prior to Co-Founding SessionM where he is currently CEO, Lars was at Apple, Inc., where he was a member of the executive team of iAd (via Quattro acquisition), Apple’s mobile advertising business unit. As a serial entrepreneur himself, Lars brings operational expertise to the board.

Board Member

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore is a partner at Atlas Venture in the technology group and focuses on emerging web service companies that make the lives of consumers better and help any size business perform better. Ryan is a force in Boston’s ad tech scene having invested in many of the successful companies (WHERE, OwnerIQ, Enpocket, Nexage) over the past few years.