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The clypd team is stacked with the best of the best from a diverse set of backgrounds – including television and digital veterans. This means that we bring the most effective strategies from both industries into the hottest emerging channel: audience-based TV sales.


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The clypd platform is built exclusively for the television industry, respecting business practices and providing seamless integrations into existing TV systems and workflows. Our platform empowers sales organizations with solutions that achieve increased revenue and maximize campaign performance for agency and brand partners.


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Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations, and the Most Palate-Pleasing Binges on TV

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The 1993 debut of the Food Network came 30 years after Julia Child prepared her first meal on public television for the Boston market. The hunger for food and cooking shows grew at a slow simmer for years. Fast forward to today and two cable networks, the Food Network and Cooking Channel, are devoted to cooking and food. Meanwhile, ABC, Bravo, Fox, PBS, and streaming services are serving up many hours of the genre as well.

Food-related programs represent the biggest sub-genre in the reality, unscripted TV genre, and there are more courses to come. This year, more than 30 new food-related series will premiere, and more than double that number are in production across cable and broadcast networks, as well as streaming platforms. Read More