Tom Brady, MVP On and Off the Field

Super Bowl LI cemented one thing for sure: Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Of course, we’re a little biased here at clypd, with most of the team in Somerville (although we do have quite a strong and vocal New York contingent).

On Sunday, Brady and the Patriots managed to come back from the biggest point deficit in Super Bowl history to clinch their 5th title. For Brady’s performance, he received the MVP award in a very awkward award ceremony with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

As one of the star athletes of match, Brady also made a couple of appearances while not on the field during the Super Bowl, during its commercial breaks.

Brady starred in an Intel spot for Super Bowl LI, which promoted Intel 360, technology that allows for 360-degree replay in sports events. But it was a local spot that Brady starred in that got even more buzz.

In the spot, Brady goes to Shields MRI and is asked to remove all his jewelry. He takes off four of his Super Bowl rings, and nearly forgets his fifth ring, which is “kind of new.” The Shields employee declares that Brady’s going to need a bigger locker, to which Brady replies, “Roger that” – a jab at Goodell, who kept Brady off the field for four games earlier this season for his alleged involvement in the saga that was Deflategate.

Shields MRI, a Massachusetts healthcare company, bought a slot immediately after the big game, hoping to air the alternate version, which only got the green light moments before the spot was suppose to air. Like all Patriots believers, the folks over at Shields had faith that Brady would go all the way, even back in September when the spot was originally shot (and Brady was sitting out his suspension).

But before Super Bowl LI and Deflategate, Brady starred in other spots as well. Although Brady is famously picky about his endorsements – his QB peers like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are commonly found on TV endorsing a range of products, it’s fairly uncommon to find Brady in one. It’s estimated that Brady raked in an average of $7 million annually in endorsement deals. In comparison, at the top of the list, Peyton Manning earned an average of $12 million annually.

Nevertheless, Brady has had his fair share of high-profile endorsements. Brady starred in a series of UGG spots, like the one below – which plays off his relationship with his wide receiver, Julian Edelman.

Or this classic one back from 2009, where Snickers poked fun at the Patriots-Jets rivalry, and Brady huddles with the wrong team, an unfortunate side effect of being hungry.


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