Product: Bringing Pricing/Value Transparency to TV Advertising

By July 21, 2014 clypd, clypd Blog, Product

We recently released an oft-requested view into the pricing associated with media. As a media partner, I need an understanding of how my media pricing rules scale with volume. As a media planner, I need to know not only how much inventory exists for a particular set of targeting criteria, but the price associated with it.

The platform is using inventory projections, rate configurations and historical clearance price analysis to deliver a price/volume curve based on the particular targeting criteria in the inquiry. These UI console components are available for planners within media buying groups and for pricing and inventory managers at our supply partner organizations. The TVonTap API for programmatic communication between TV supply systems and media buying platforms has methods for those systems to get access to the same data.

In any environment where media owners and buyers are planning and transacting advertising activity, transparency around pricing, media and the audience consuming the content is imperative.

Part of building solutions for bringing programmatic strategy to television includes bringing innovative tools for delivering on the promise of transparency within programmatic media sales. We’ll continue to recognize the need for transparency in the media sales/buying environment.

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