Original or Firework, There’s Only One Way to Eat an Oreo

Over the past few years, in attempt to stay relevant and top of mind of all cookie-eating consumers, Oreo has been introducing limited-edition flavors on the regular. Earlier this week, the Mondolez brand introduced the Firework Oreo, just in time for the warmer temperatures.

The limited edition Oreo contains red and blue popping candy mixed into the traditional creme filling. Food & Wine magazine praised the new flavor, “Oreos are darn good alone and popping candy is just a fun new way to enjoy them even more.”

The Firework Oreo follows spring’s varietal, featuring Peeps (that other iconic food brand). The Peeps flavor was released to mix reviews – it had unintended side effects that turned certain things pink.

This time around, while Oreo rolled out the red carpet for the Firework premier, it also simultaneously launched another promotion. Oreo announced a contest for fans, a $500,000 prize for the winner and creator of the next Oreo flavor. The winner will be chosen by fan votes in July 2018. Submissions will be received via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MyOreoCreation. The three finalist flavors will hit shelves next May.

Despite the limited-edition flavors, it’s the original flavor that helps Mondolez bring in (cookie) dough. Since the Oreo was first introduced in 1912 by Nabisco, it’s been a staple on supermarket shelves all over the world. Oreo has been the top-selling cookie in the US, with over 450 billion sandwich cookies sold. It’s available in over 100 countries with total sales exceeding $2 billion. The US market is still its biggest market, despite a recent dip in sales over the past couple of years.

The wild success of the cookie could partially be attributed to the brand’s strong marketing and TV presence. Oreo has had several TV campaigns that are considered classics these days, featuring catchy songs with adorable lyrics and the O-R-E-Os jingle. This one below, from the 1980s, features best friends sharing cookies, with the song in the background declaring “we’ll always be friends with O-R-E-Os.”

A few years later, Oreo came out the “Unlock the Magic” campaign, with this popular spot featuring a dog and a little boy. One eating an Oreo and the other is watching an Oreo get eaten. “First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it.” The cookie brand remade the spot in the UK, in attempt to lure the regularly biscuit-eating Brits.


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