Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Joshua is the CEO and co-founder of clypd and leads the organization through day-to-day operations, product direction and strategic relationships. Joshua is a hands- on leader with extensive experience building companies from scratch and driving towards revenue. Joshua is also Chief-recruiter, Chief-foodie, Chief-talker and a dad of two great kids.

EVP of Business Development and co-founder

Doug is the co-founder and EVP of Business development at clypd and leads the organization’s growth by building long-term strategic partnerships. Doug leads by example with extensive experience striking deals with customers and partners. Previously Doug was Director of Business Development at PayPal Mobile where he was responsible for executing strategic partnerships to accelerate PayPal’s off-line mobile payment initiatives. Prior to PayPal Doug was VP of Business Development at WHERE, Inc. which was acquired by PayPal in April 2011.

Pete Doe
Chief Research Officer

Pete is Chief Research Officer at clypd. He was a data scientist before the term existed and has been expanding the frontiers of TV audience measurement through statistical innovation since the 1990’s. Originally from the UK, Pete moved to New York in 2004 and joined Nielsen, where he was a primary architect of their global data fusion business, as well as being awarded patents for (among others) set top box audience measurement, digital measurement, and out of home audience modeling. At clypd, Pete’s main responsibility is the integrity of data and algorithms in the clypd platform. At home, his main responsibilities are playing music and Lego with his daughters.

Chief Relationship Officer

As Chief Relationship Officer, Mitchell develops partnerships with the owners of television advertising inventory. He has worked much of his career as a sales leader in management roles spanning the spectrum of traditional TV ad sales (ABC Network), venue-based video networks (PRN, Screenvision), the internet (Pogo) and advanced technologies for TV (Canoe).

Chief Solutions Architect

Bruce has been an innovator in TV advertising technology for more than 20 years. At clypd, Bruce helps turn our vision into a reality that interoperates with and adds new value to our partner’s platforms. He is a leader and active contributor in the standards development efforts at SCTE, SMPTE and CableLabs.

VP, Strategic Development
Jason is VP, Strategic Development for clypd, where he drives forward-looking platform strategy and corporate development activities. As a recovering engineer, Jason enjoys working closely with technical teams to solve challenging technical problems that drive business value and help bring the industry where it has never gone before.
SVP Engineering

Jeff is passionate about building awesome products, technology and teams. He has had the fortune of working on all sorts of cool stuff over his career, such as advertising, mobile, insanely complicated military products, and streaming audio/video. When he is not building software, he is probably building something out of wood or floating on a lake in his little sailboat.

Head of Finance and Operations

Michelle is the Head of Finance and Operations at clypd. Michelle previously held roles as the Director of Finance and Operations at Immusant, an early-stage biotech, and the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of The Capital Network, a non-profit dedicated to providing extensive educational and mentoring programs to help early-stage entrepreneurs successfully raise seed capital. Michelle’s earlier career was spent in Investment Banking and Strategy Consulting at large institutions like Bank of America and Deloitte. She is currently the Treasure of the Board at Land’s Sake Community Farm, a local farm dedicated to farm and land sustainability and education.

General Manager Europe
Vice President of Product
Software Engineer
Principal Data Scientist

Ajay is a professional data hacker with a penchant for distributed systems. Previously, he has worked on a large-scale collaborative filtering based recommendation engine, predictive models for churn detection and campaign optimization and lookalike models. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his son, listening to Monk, playing the guitar and watching any kind of Motorsport especially Formula 1.

Director of Business Development

Alison is Director of Business Development in our New York office, growing our business with our media owner partners. Her passion for television and advertising dates back to the first time she realized she could stay up late if she expressed an interest in her Dad’s work. He wrote TV commercials and they aired in Primetime, well after the usual bedtime of a six-year-old. She was quickly hooked on TV and advertising, attending countless shoots with her father. The passion continues unabated as an adult, via her previous advertising sales roles from Intern to Account Executive at ESPN/ABC Sports in both New York and Chicago, to a global ad sales role at CNBC, and most recently at Discovery Communications. She is one of our leading TV bingers.

Principal Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer

Andrew is a software engineer who has worked on huge consumer websites, tiny security startups, and DARPA schedule optimization projects. As an undergraduate and graduate he worked on the runtime system for a novel computer architecture at MIT CSAIL.

Ben Garfield
Software Engineer
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Brian is a software shepherd with extensive experience building reliable and scalable distributed systems using best-of-breed techniques and technologies, primarily open source. Prior to clypd, Brian helped deliver a video streaming solution, a novel approach to consumer netbooks, and a software-defined cellular basestation and controller.

David Lin
Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Solutions Engineer

Ethan is a software engineer at clypd and an all-around good guy.

Senior Software Engineer

Herbert eats, drinks, and, sometimes, write code. Prior to clypd, Herbert helped deliver a video streaming solution, an automated resume parsing and recommendation engine, a novel approach to consumer netbooks, and build a college. In his spare time, Herbert plays frisbee and climbs rocks.

Principal Software Engineer
Senior Marketing Manager

Jeanne leads marketing efforts at clypd, which includes but is not limited to wordsmithing, staying late at parties, and tweeting. She believes in great stories and the aesthetics of clean lines. While a Masshole at heart, Jeanne dreams of traveling and speaking more languages. Her life’s mission is to bake the perfect macaron.

Jennifer Foley
Senior Product Manager
Jingsong Cui
Head of Media Analytics
Software Engineer
Senior Director of Business Development

Karen is a seasoned Business Development professional with extensive experience leading sales, BD and strategy. Karen’s specialties include programmatic media buying platforms for mobile advertising, online display, and most recently television. Before joining clypd, Karen was head of BD for PayPal Media Network where she built the mobile RTB business and formed partnerships with reputable companies such as Adelphic, dStillery, Acxiom, and Placed. Karen considers being a mom to her son and daughter her greatest accomplishment and enjoys running on the beach as well as running after the new family dog, Chloe.

Senior Product Manager
Katie McCarthy
Director of Partner Solutions

Katie brings to clypd a unique perspective of sales, account management, product, and operations from both the TV and digital space. Prior to clypd, she worked in San Francisco driving product requirements for Al Jazeera America’s digital properties as part of the Al Jazeera America Cable Network Launch. She also worked in advertising sales at several media companies in New York including Discovery Networks, NBC Universal, and CurrentTV. Katie is passionate about innovation and hopes to help bridge the gap between TV and technology. While a lifelong learner and travel addict, she will forever be a Boston girl at heart.

Kevin James
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Kris is actually a robot. He was assembled in China and shipped to the US to fulfill his destiny as a software engineer at clypd.

Lauren Russo
Senior Manager, Partner Solutions
HR Specialist & Manager of Office Operations
Senior Data Scientist
Principal Data Scientist

Prior to joining clypd, Marco was a postdoc at the University of Delaware. He earned his Ph.D. at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium. He also holds a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico, and a M.S. in Intelligent Systems from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico. The central topics of his research are optimization, swarm intelligence, and complex systems. He serves in the editorial board of the journals Swarm Intelligence and Frontiers in Robotics and AI: Computational Intelligence. His favorite beer is Orval.

Creative Director

Nate is an award-winning designer, developer, and skilled photographer with more than 15 years of experience. His career spans a few startups as well as some larger companies. Most recently he lead the mobile UI/UX team at Verizon Labs in designing products for the FiOS Mobile suite of apps. Nate spends his spare time with his young family and working on various DIY projects. He also likes coffee, a lot.

Neil Bennett
Senior Solutions Engineer
Senior User Interface Engineer

Olya is a designer, front-end developer and illustrator that loves dancing, painting, reading, draping and making clothes. Before joining clypd she worked at PayPal as a User Interface Designer where she was responsible for design and front-end development. Originally from Ukraine she studied media and visual communication in Hamburg, Germany before moving to Boston.

Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer

There was once a boy who dreamed of being awesome. That boy was Richard. Mission accomplished

Principal Product Manager
Sara Morris
Partner Solutions Specialist
Senior Principal Software Engineer

An occasional beer drinker from clypd’s keg, Sumit loves putting technology to work efficiently. Previously he built unstructured data analysis solutions for various industries and architected and led development of high throughput, low latency systems. When not hacking away, Sumit enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and spending time with his kid.

Director of Partner Engagements

Thomas brings to clypd more than 17 years of experience building sales and traffic systems, having spent time at Turner Broadcasting, Hallmark Channel, ESPN, and Invision. A native New Yorker, when he’s not on-boarding clients and suggesting ingenious solutions to technical challenges, Thomas can be found searching for the best bars around the world where he can watch the Premier League. He dodges Elmos daily on his commute to clypd’s spiffy Times Square digs.

Principal Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Darren Roscoe
Software Engineer Co-op
Software Engineer Co-op