clypd Profiles: 9 Questions with Lillian Carrasquillo

By April 16, 2015 clypd Blog, clypd Culture

In this blog series, we interview a member of the clypd team every month. Find out what drives us, what makes us tick, and what we do outside of the clypd office. In this month’s clypd Profile, we talk to Lillian Carrasquillo, Principal Data Scientist.

Can you describe your job and an average day working at clypd?

As a Data Scientist, I’m tasked with creating value out of all the data clypd touches. That data includes internal and external sources, such as TV ratings. On an average day, I’m exploring a new dataset and learning everything I can about TV trends. Then, thinking a long while about what kinds of metrics and products that would help clypd with programmatic buying and selling strategies.

What part of your job do you find most rewarding?

I definitely enjoy working on difficult problems, especially when collaborating with the clypd engineering team. We have a great, collaborative, smart group of people willing to help each other think through issues. Contributing and participating is the most rewarding part of working here.

How did you decide to get into data science?

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Math. I purposefully went to Smith College, a liberal arts school, as an undergrad knowing I wanted to focus on math because I like learning about all sorts of topics. Data Science extends that thinking into my career by allowing me to explore and learn about different fields, datasets, problems, and think about how all of the different pieces come together to form a whole.

Not many people know that there is a lot of data science that goes into advertising. Can you tell us a little bit about why data science is needed in advertising?

As I mentioned, Data Science is about finding value in data. For the average advertising consumer, that value means more relevant content and a better experience with ads. In the ad tech field, we are all looking for ways to provide that.

For example, at clypd, we want to go beyond the Adults 25-54 targeting to a more detailed description of an audience that would be interested in a product. If the product is the latest eBook reader, we would instead want to look for programs that have “heavy readers” who like to stay up-to-date on gadgets. The data allows us to match those likely to purchase and show interest in a product, with the right program schedule, showing the viewers an ad they would be more excited about.

On selfish note, I really enjoy working in ad tech because we are on the cutting edge of data tools and process techniques. There is so much data available from TV, mobile, and internet that you can really get to know how people interact with their world, and help them enjoy it a bit more too.

What are you watching these days on TV?

If I listed all my favorites, they would be longer than this whole article… I watch TV as a major hobby. During a recent flu week, I was glued to Unbreakable Kimmie and The Fall on Netflix. This season, I also love Mad Men, Parks and Recreation (RIP), and Broad City.

Guilty pleasure: Staying true to my telenovela upbringing, I haven’t missed an episode of Jane the Virgin.

You’re a self-proclaimed cat lady. Tell us more!

I’d say I’m more of an animal person who married a cat lady. My husband has always loved cats and I went from 0 to 3 cats overnight when we moved in together. Happy to say my life is a real life, especially when the three dudes decide to all snuggle together in the giant cat bed. Someday there will be a corgi-mutt in the mix!

You’re a big foodie – what are some of your favorite places to eat in the Boston area?

Ready? This is the toughest question, but I thought long and hard about it. Here are my favorite restaurants in the Boston area:

  1. T.W. Food
  2. Alden & Harlow
  3. Oleana and Sarma  (tied, both are incredible)
  4. Myers + Chang (needs to make it in here)

Get yourself to all of those and you’ll be happy forever.

What was the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Barcelona is my favorite city. I went there last fall and it was beautiful, fun, cool, and especially delicious. Anything a la plancha, grilled on a metal plate, with a little salt and oil, was just simple and perfect.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

My husband has mentioned that I don’t like taking pictures without my glasses, so there’s that.

In the summer, especially when in Maine, I can eat lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be a happy lady. Actually, I have and I will again! (See you soon, El El Frijoles!)

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