clypd Optimize Brings Yield Optimization to Television

By February 19, 2015 clypd in the News

Product Release Completes clypd’s Suite of Tools for Media Owners to Better Manage TV Advertising Sales

BOSTON, MA –February 19, 2015 – clypd, the technology platform for programmatic TV advertising, today announced the release of Optimize, a product solution for yield optimization across TV asset inventory schedules. Optimize brings sales-focused intelligence to the oft-brute force process of building and managing sales proposals and commercial play-out schedules within the constraints of technical and business rules.

Optimize rounds out the clypd platform suite, consisting of solutions that empower a media owner with tools to better manage the sale of their inventory, without disrupting existing sales systems.

  • Analyze: A toolset for understanding and making actionable decisions on media performance, incidence of audience and inventory value. Big Picture delivers insights that help sales groups operationalize the use of advanced audience targets and programmatic automation.
  • Connect: Solutions that allow television sales organizations to expose their media to demand from any buy-side source. This product facilitates proposal requests and campaign management through a user interface or through clypd’s support for TVonTap API, along with household match solutions for custom audience targeting needs.
  • Direct: Platform-enabled automated deal management and provisioning, RFP and response management and streamlined negotiations. clypd’s industry-first implementation of Deal ID in television brings the benefits of programmatic to the relationship-heavy universe of TV ad sales.

“Effective management of TV advertising inventory is a significant challenge given multiple sales channels, competing goals and other business rules” said Bruce Dilger, Chief Solutions Architect at clypd. “As new transactional strategies emerge within the television industry, Optimize takes advantage of its position in the workflow to effectively make decisions related to the assembly and scheduling of orders across the inventory pool. Optimize’s understanding of audiences behind media consumption, ad scheduling rules and parameters imposed by the marketing side and financial parameters associated with the transaction allows it to generate an optimal global solution.”

Optimize was built specifically to address the challenges faced by pricing and inventory management teams within programmers, broadcasters and MVPDs. Features such as configurable optimization goals, flexible breaks, audience modeling and support for varying media pricing models and measurement currencies provide solutions that address both long-standing and new business methodologies that are part of the evolving landscape of TV advertising.


“Unlike the supply-saturated impression-by-impression sales world that is common within digital environments, television’s supply/demand ratio and the spot-based inventory structure demands tools that are built specifically for these nuances,” said Kevin Cuddihy, President of Local Media at Univision. “Optimize addresses these problem statements and brings it five steps forward through configurable KPI goal optimization.”

This release follows the industry-first release of Deal ID for television and clypd’s announcement of an API for programmatic TV advertising into the company’s platform.

About clypd
clypd is the advertising technology platform built exclusively for the television industry, empowering media owners with programmatic ad solutions. Founded in 2012, the company’s TV sales platform delivers workflow automation, data-enhanced decisioning and provides media partners with tools to manage their sales efforts. clypd’s innovations around programmatic television are opening doors for incremental digital budgets currently not available to the TV media owners. The clypd team is comprised of both TV and digital advertising experts, which uniquely positions the company to understand and meet the needs of the television industry while leveraging the best programmatic strategies from the digital world.

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