clypd Brings Breakthrough Yield Optimization Solution to Television Advertising

By February 19, 2015 clypd, clypd Blog

We are excited to announce this morning that we have released clypd Optimize, a product solution for yield optimization across TV asset inventory schedules. Optimize brings sales-focused intelligence to the oft-brute force process of building and managing sales proposals and commercial play-out schedules within the constraints of technical and business rules.

Optimize completes clypd’s suite of tools for media owners, which all have a single goal in mind: to empower media owners with tools to better manage the sale of their inventory, without disrupting existing sales systems. The new product release contain features such as configurable optimization goals, flexible breaks, audience modeling and support for varying media pricing models and measurement currencies provide solutions that address both long-standing and new business methodologies that are part of the evolving landscape of TV advertising.



“Unlike the supply-saturated impression-by-impression sales world that is common within digital environments, television’s supply/demand ratio and the spot-based inventory structure demands tools that are built specifically for these nuances,” said Kevin Cuddihy, President of Local Media at Univision. “Optimize addresses these problem statements and brings it five steps forward through configurable KPI goal optimization.”

This release follows the industry-first release of Deal ID for television and clypd’s announcement of an API for programmatic TV advertising into the company’s platform.

To check out the full announcement, please read it here.



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