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The World Of Data Fusion: Q&A With Clypd’s Pete Doe

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Pete Doe, chief research officer, clypd, is an expert in data fusion and TV currency audience products both in the UK and in America. He moved to clypd from Nielsen, where he helped launch the company’s data fusion efforts, which has brought him great satisfaction. “Data fusion is no longer seen as something unusual or unacceptable,” he said.

Charlene Weisler: What is the state of data fusion in the U.S. today?

Pete Doe: What’s happened in the last decade is that data has come to us from all angles… We all walk around with cell phones, and that is generating data every second of the day. The need to understand consumers through data has existed for decades, but now there is so much more data available.  That means we need to integrate data to make sense of what consumers are doing.

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Clypd Co-Founder Doug Hurd Talks Programmatic Television

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How long until programmatic advertising in television will become the norm, across agencies and media companies?

Growth predictions for programmatic TV is very much dependent on the definition of programmatic advertising for television. At clypd, we focus on two core components—activating advanced data sets and automating the transactional workflow. In TV, some of the digital concepts (real-time bidding and open exchanges, for example) are less pronounced and the focus is instead on data-driven TV transactions that are facilitated through sophisticated software platforms. This is increasingly becoming the norm as media owners and media buyers work together to increase the use of advanced data in their transactions.

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Walking the Data Brick Road to TV’s Emerald City

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The latest hubbub surrounding data-driven television advertising might have some longtime TV cronies thinking they’re not in Kansas anymore, but this is really just noise about strategies that have been in existence forever. The ways in which data strategies are being invented for TV advertising are certainly innovative but data has always informed advertising, whether it’s the $5 million Super Bowl spot, the punch-the-monkey banner ad or the 14-story billboards in Times Square.

However, the recent infusion of new data sets coupled with the fragmentation of TV viewership across devices that are not on a 65-inch screen hung on the living room wall is forcing the media world to think about how to further enhance the way that television advertisers reach their intended consumers. The definition-elusive “Programmatic TV” can simply be defined as software-driven targeting, optimization and automation for television advertising and those employing it must consider several things:

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Beer, Diapers And The Programmatic TV Challenge

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On TV And Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in programmatic TV and video.

Today’s column is written by Pete Doe, chief research officer at clypd.

About 10 years ago while working at Nielsen, we began creating integrated data sets linking consumer and media behavior to help agencies plan better campaigns and media owners better understand and monetize their audiences.

One sunny spring morning in New York we met with a cable network to present some results. We had fused Nielsen currency ratings with consumer panel purchase data, revealing that the network’s highest indexing product categories were beer and diapers. I felt slightly nervous that insight might be an example of “Twyman’s law,” which states that if a research finding looks interesting, it’s probably wrong.”

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Guest Blog: TV Research Is Programmatic’s Best Friend

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TV research is not new – it’s been an essential cog in the wheels of TV advertising for decades. Data has quietly helped media companies promote their inventory to marketers hungry for specific audiences. But TV research is undergoing a transformation, moving from a back-office tool to one that’s getting center stage attention.

The sourcing, acquisition and usage of data – and modeling it on behalf of the media owner – is a skillset much in demand for companies delivering technology for programmatic in television.

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How PayPal Vets Are Shaking Up the TV Advertising World at Clypd

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As “un-disruptable” industries go, the abundantly old-school world of TV advertising might be near the top of the list. Or at least it was. In its three years in existence, Somerville’s Clypd has begun to put an end to the traditional methods of buying and selling TV ads—long executed through a combination of spreadsheets, fax machines and steak dinners, says CEO Joshua Summers—and brought the process into the digital, big-data age. Now the ad tech firm is plotting to be the next Boston tech company to expand its reach beyond the U.S., with plans for its first Latin America launch during the first half of 2016 and an expansion to Europe later that year, Summers said.

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clypd Ranked on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures List

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clypd was just ranked by Entrepreneur as having a top company culture!

Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list is a comprehensive ranking of US-based businesses exhibiting high-performance cultures created in partnership with culture management software CultureIQ. The Top Company Cultures list placed clypd as the 20th best in the small companies category. The award recognizes clypd for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.

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