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Clypd Brings Enhanced Private Market Targeting Tools to TV Networks

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As I wrote last week and previously, the TV industry is in a race to data enable its ad inventory to retain its value relative to online video alternatives and platforms like Facebook and Google that provide audience data at huge scale. Many technology providers are innovating to provide the software tools necessary for the TV industry to make this transition and the latest example is from clypd, which yesterday introduced Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), which adds to existing features in clypd’s linear TV PMP offering.

Optimize PMP gives TV networks the ability to enhance audience and yield optimization when dealing with agencies and advertisers. Specifically, Optimize PMP provides (1) multi-goal scheduling to create schedules for a variety of performance goals such as age/gender and advanced audience targets, (2) yield optimization algorithms for campaign delivery within pre-set parameters and (3) an API for campaign management and proposal negotiation.

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Clypd Rolls Out Enhanced Private Ad Platform for TV Upfronts

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Programmatic advertising specialist clypd has introduced the Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), a suite of new and enhanced ad sales tools tailored for TV’s upfront market.

The company said its new offering builds on clypd’s existing linear TV private marketplace platform, and includes elements and features such as data onboarding, yield-optimized and audience-focused scheduling, and proposal generation.

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Clypd Delivers New Private Marketplace Sales Tools

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Clypd, an audience-based sales platform for TV advertising, on Tuesday announced the release of Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), a set of private marketplace sales tools for media companies.

The tools build on clypd’s existing linear TV private marketplace offering and are designed to help media companies increase their yield and enable audience-focused sales transactions.

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clypd Brings Optimize Private Marketplace to TV’s Upfront Advertising Market

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BOSTON, MA – July 19, 2016 – clypd, the audience-based sales platform for television advertising, today announced the release of Optimize Private Marketplace (PMP), a suite of sales tools for media companies engaged in yield optimization and advanced audience sales transactions.

Several leading media companies, including Discovery Communications, ESPN, and Fox Networks Group have been using the clypd platform to prepare for and engage with their brand and agency partners on new opportunities that leverage data and an increased level of workflow automation. This latest offering builds upon clypd’s existing linear TV private marketplace offering. Features include end-to-end deal lifecycle management, data onboarding, yield-optimized and audience-focused scheduling, and proposal generation.

In recent years, there has been a growing fragmentation of media consumption across devices and distribution channels coupled with an influx of new data sources. These shifts have created demands from both marketers and the media owners for solutions that will address these challenges as they relate to advertising.

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Chief Research Officer Pete Doe Featured in asi Podcast

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Pete Doe, clypd’s Chief Research Officer was recently interviewed by the folks over at asi in their asiCast series. asi holds a number of global conferences on media, advertising, and marketing.

In the podcast, Pete talks with Brian Jacobs about programmatic TV and how it’s evolving in the US. Additionally, Pete also discusses the structural differences in different markets in Europe.

Pete will also be speaking at the 2016 International Television & Video Conference in Budapest, Hungary, on November 2nd-4th.

Listen to the full podcast below or check it out at asi here.

The World Of Data Fusion: Q&A With Clypd’s Pete Doe

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Pete Doe, chief research officer, clypd, is an expert in data fusion and TV currency audience products both in the UK and in America. He moved to clypd from Nielsen, where he helped launch the company’s data fusion efforts, which has brought him great satisfaction. “Data fusion is no longer seen as something unusual or unacceptable,” he said.

Charlene Weisler: What is the state of data fusion in the U.S. today?

Pete Doe: What’s happened in the last decade is that data has come to us from all angles… We all walk around with cell phones, and that is generating data every second of the day. The need to understand consumers through data has existed for decades, but now there is so much more data available.  That means we need to integrate data to make sense of what consumers are doing.

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Clypd Co-Founder Doug Hurd Talks Programmatic Television

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How long until programmatic advertising in television will become the norm, across agencies and media companies?

Growth predictions for programmatic TV is very much dependent on the definition of programmatic advertising for television. At clypd, we focus on two core components—activating advanced data sets and automating the transactional workflow. In TV, some of the digital concepts (real-time bidding and open exchanges, for example) are less pronounced and the focus is instead on data-driven TV transactions that are facilitated through sophisticated software platforms. This is increasingly becoming the norm as media owners and media buyers work together to increase the use of advanced data in their transactions.

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Walking the Data Brick Road to TV’s Emerald City

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The latest hubbub surrounding data-driven television advertising might have some longtime TV cronies thinking they’re not in Kansas anymore, but this is really just noise about strategies that have been in existence forever. The ways in which data strategies are being invented for TV advertising are certainly innovative but data has always informed advertising, whether it’s the $5 million Super Bowl spot, the punch-the-monkey banner ad or the 14-story billboards in Times Square.

However, the recent infusion of new data sets coupled with the fragmentation of TV viewership across devices that are not on a 65-inch screen hung on the living room wall is forcing the media world to think about how to further enhance the way that television advertisers reach their intended consumers. The definition-elusive “Programmatic TV” can simply be defined as software-driven targeting, optimization and automation for television advertising and those employing it must consider several things:

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Beer, Diapers And The Programmatic TV Challenge

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On TV And Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in programmatic TV and video.

Today’s column is written by Pete Doe, chief research officer at clypd.

About 10 years ago while working at Nielsen, we began creating integrated data sets linking consumer and media behavior to help agencies plan better campaigns and media owners better understand and monetize their audiences.

One sunny spring morning in New York we met with a cable network to present some results. We had fused Nielsen currency ratings with consumer panel purchase data, revealing that the network’s highest indexing product categories were beer and diapers. I felt slightly nervous that insight might be an example of “Twyman’s law,” which states that if a research finding looks interesting, it’s probably wrong.”

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