Enhancing TV Sales, One Daypart at a Time

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We all have certain activities we do in our daily and weekly lives that could stand for some enhancements.

Imagine if your hour-long grocery adventure each week could be completed in minutes. But will your cupboards be without the kids’ favorite snacks? Will paying for your purchase require a second job? Improvements are great, but you need to remain in charge and ensure that any incremental benefits are not wiped out by negatives. At clypd, we recognized that there is an opportunity to take this food shopping analogy to TV advertising.

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Product: The Man Behind the Curtain Does Matter

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The product and engineering teams at clypd focus on building features that enhance the way that TV advertising is sold. Innovation is an amazing thing, especially in an established business like TV media sales, but innovation without consideration for the people that use the systems and tools will not thrive. Understanding this, everything built at clypd also has a goal of respecting the both user experience while ensuring utility of the features.

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Preparing for the future: Part II

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In a previous post, Jason introduced some of the infrastructure that we are building out now, in preparation for scaling in the future.

We decided early in the life of the company to drive all of our DevOps from chef. System configuration and deployment should be a software development activity: under source control, repeatable, sane.

The other thing that we wanted to be able to do was to stand up a server farm with one click of a mouse. This would allow anyone to browse on over to the web app (called toolclyp), select what type of farm they wanted, say a sandbox production farm for testing, click, voila! Ooo. Wouldn’t it be really cool if toolclyp also seeded the databases with a (scrubbed) backup of last night’s production database? Ooo. Ooo. How about if it also created the Jenkins jobs, all preconfigured, to point to the apps in Github? Also cool if you could point it at a branch in Github so that when you push a change, it automatically deploys the updated app? Read More

Preparing for the Future: Part I

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Preparing for the future, far in advance of when that day arrives, is something that we all tend to do when thinking about college for our young children or about 401Ks to fund our retirement years.

It’s a wonder that similar preparation for the inevitable rarely happens in the software startup world. Not that it doesn’t make sense…Startup teams are often heads-down running full-speed towards goals of building product, growing the team and constantly innovating, leaving little time for preparing for the time when success is found and ensuring that systems on which the company operates will be able to support the activity that the team has worked so hard to acquire. Read More