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Can We Trust Political Polls and Why Do We Still Use Nielsen Ratings?

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The answers to these questions have a common origin that takes us back 80 years to 1936. Commercial consumer and social research was a new business then – AC Nielsen had been founded 13 years previously (in 1936 it was about the same age as Facebook is now) and Gallup inc. was just one year old. As it turned out, events in 1936 would soon make Gallup front-page news.

Like 2016, 1936 was a general election year in the US and there were opinion polls. One organization that considered itself expert in this field was The Literary Digest, a magazine that had been in the polling business since 1916.

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Doug Hurd

The Rise of the Private Marketplace in Programmatic TV Sales

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The buying and selling of linear TV advertising hasn’t changed in decades – until now.

Unlike the real-time, impression-based transaction that defines digital advertising, the traditional television media buy is impacted by technological limitations and disparity in sales strategies. These impose that decisions be made well in advance on broad-based demographic targets such as age and gender. Ratings are researched and ads scheduled, but the process is labor intensive and doesn’t accurately show available inventory and its audience. The growth of programmatic TV is addressing some of these challenges, giving the parties informative and actionable data sets and varying levels of workflow automation.

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TV Completes the Cross-screen Formula

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Video consumption through digital means has skyrocketed, thanks in part to Google’s absorption of YouTube in 2006. Meanwhile, television has also continued its upward growth, despite industry expectations. The higher media consumption patterns offer media companies, marketers, and technology companies a huge opportunity to unite the two watching streams, but it’s not without its challenges.

In my former life in the world of digital video advertising, we looked to leverage “cross-screen digital video” as we quickly recognized that “online video” was not going to be restricted to the personal computer. This proved to be true as folks watched the latest Boston snow storm reports from a work computer, then laughed at a Louis C.K. skit via an iPhone from the caboose of the disabled MBTA and later, enjoyed Sophia the First with their kids on an iPad.

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Super Bowl XLIX

Is a Super Bowl Spot Actually a Good Deal?

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There were a number of articles floating around before and after the Super Bowl contrasting the cost of a single 30-sec spot with other ways in which that $4.5 million could be spent. I’m sure some of those alternatives would make better sense for some advertisers. But a $39 CPM ain’t bad for an instantaneous unduplicated reach of 114.4 million and the kind of engagement that leaves people talking about your ad for days, weeks, and maybe years.

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Long Live The 30-Second Spot

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Recent news about initiatives to bring automated and programmatic/data-driven access to TV advertising has brought out the typical buzz-kills, with the not-unexpected bogeyman: programmatic buying combined with the proliferation of IP-connected viewing devices will turn the TV advertising business into a revenue wasteland. Such doomsday predictions are based upon the flawed assumption that the adoption and integration of digital advertising technologies will trigger the same collapse of CPMs seen with online video. The assumption is flawed because it doesn’t take into account the nature and relative scarcity of TV content; YouTube videos and entertainment-grade shows such as Breaking Bad are at opposite ends of both the audience involvement and cost-to-produce spectra. Read More


ABCs of Television Ad Tech

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Ad Tech is notoriously rife with acronyms on both the business and technology sides of the fence. clypd’s experience in the television ad tech world has proven that acronym issues are not only widespread, but the concepts represented by these multi-letter concepts in the nascent world of programmatic television advertising take on modified meanings, rendering our space one that is impossible for Grandma to understand.

clypd, along with other technology companies, ad agencies, DSPs, ATDs and SSPs are strategizing on how to leverage the programmatic buying methods that have been successful in the digital world to deliver on marketing goals in the world of the larger screen. While benefits of media buying in this medium are similar, many of the strategies must be augmented for use in television. Read More

Jason Burke

Transparency into Auction Dynamics

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We all recall with frustration our failed swings at the birthday piñata, and then the triumphant scrambling for sweets when we finally connected with the papier-mâché dragon. In the early days of ad exchange buying, marketers had similar experiences as they blindly reached for inventory through programmatic buying on ad exchanges, without knowing the details of the inventory they were bidding on.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for transparency into auction pricing on Adotas from August 9, 2013

Jason Burke

Conversions across channels

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We roll our eyes and leave the room when the Grammy Award-winning rapper spends his 90 seconds of mic time at the Kodak Theater thanking everyone from his parents to his Little League baseball coach to Jesus. Digital marketers, however, could take a cue from 50 Cent.

In the advertising world, many factors contribute to the final outcome and all touch points along the entire interaction spectrum must be considered when evaluating the impact of the marketing strategy.

Read the rest of the article from clypd’s Head of Product, Jason Burke, about the need for conversion attribution in cross-channel media strategies on Adotas from June 4, 2013