Big Picture is Big Data, Visualized

Programmatic advertising is all the rage these days – everyone seems to want a piece of it, from media owners to advertisers, marketers, and everyone in between. But what goes into programmatic?

Underlying all of the confusion of ad tech acronyms and terminology is one simple concept: data.

But data is only as valuable as the tools we have to access it. Marketers have long been armed with teams of analysts and data sources to plan and execute their media buying strategy. TV inventory owners must have a similar arsenal of tools to leverage their audiences and evaluate the performance of their media in order to most effectively sell their media.

We’re excited to introduce the newest tool in this arsenal of TV asset owners: Big Picture.


Big Picture provides media owners with insights into their audience and how viewers engage with the content and advertising. Data-enhancements, a core tenet of programmatic advertising, empower media owners to make intelligent sales decisions and to maximize yield with their inventory.

Interested in learning more about Big Picture?

Join us at Imagine Park at The Cable Show in Los Angeles on May 1st  where we will be discussing programmatic advertising in television and showing how Big Picture is helping media owners understand the market value of their inventory through toolsets build exclusively for TV asset owners.

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