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Brian Fallik

Go: One Year Later

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Almost a year ago, we blogged about our reasoning and methodology for choosing Go as our next generation platform here at clypd. A year is a long time, both in software technology and in the lifetime of a startup. Since paper is the traditional gift for a one year anniversary, it seems appropriate to write down our learnings so far.

When we posted “Getting to Go,” we included a list of the selection factors we used to evaluate potential platforms. The list includes

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Go Speed Racer Go

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On a brief holiday from my regular activities, I recently spent a few days in Sidetrackistan attempting to answer a simple question: how far can we push bare-metal hardware using the simplest of web services and a standard deployment configuration? I quickly developed an experiment and collected data that exposed some interesting – though somewhat expected – limits of parallelism in some popular web platforms. I also identified a newer platform that seems better poised to exploit multicore to its theoretical limit. Read More