Another positive SSP Exit: Facebook acquires LiveRail

Yesterday, Facebook made a monster move with their acquisition of online video platform leader LiveRail and immediately bolstered their growing video offerings. This follows Facebook’s purchase of Atlas from Microsoft last year, continuing their theme of innovating internally, but scooping up established top talent, products and business when the right opportunity arises.

The LiveRail event is interesting to clypd as it follows other large acquisitions of ad platforms focused on servicing media owners (Adobe’s acquisition of Auditude and Comcast’s strategic purchase of FreeWheel). LiveRail, Auditude and FreeWheel are flavors of supply-side platforms, each providing technology and empowering digital video publishers with tools for selling their valuable OLV assets.

As an SSP in the television space, clypd is providing similar solutions for TV media owners as programmatic strategies makes its way to the $200B+ worldwide television advertising market.

This sort of news helps validate the direction we have taken in placing a focus on empowering TV asset owners, most of whom have both digital assets and TV inventory, with the tools for entering the world of programmatic media sales.

Congrats to our friends Mark, Andrei, Adrian, Punit, Erwin and the rest of the LiveRail team!

Jason is VP of Product at clypd

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